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Glen Goodwin

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 09:16


Well busy day today.3 out of wollongong to the airport. Meet a new client today from large international company. Was real nice to chat to you today JIM and show a small piece of Wollongnog. A long way fom America. Cheers glen 
Tuesday, 18 October 2016 07:08

Dapto to cruise termial

Took 6 ladies from dapto to the cruise termial today. Was a absolutely stunning by the harbour in sydney 
Cheers glen 

People often wonder what is the best way to get to Sydney airport from the Illawarra. There is a variety of options available but which is really the best?

Option 1. An Anytime Limousines Airport Transfer

Anytime Limousines will pick you up at your door and transport you and your family/friends/collegues directly to your terminal. On return we will keep an eye on your flight arrival times and be ther to pick you up when you come home. Nice and simple, no stress. Also it doesn't matter how much luggage you have you can relax in comfort in our limousine and we can accomodate your luggage either in the boot or in our weatherproof luggage trailer. You get personal service, a friendly driver, a great comfortable Limousine and no hassles.

Option 2. An Airport Transfer Bus

While this may seem like a good option you will have to work your schedule around the bus leaving for the airport and coming home. This means you could be sitting around the airport for a long time waiting for flights or to get home. Also your trip to or from the airport will be much slower as you have to drop off and pick up many people along the way. Some busses can also be crowded, and lets face it, they will be no where nears as comfortable as your personal limousine. Starting and ending your trip in this manner can really put a downer on your trip and return home. 


Option 3. Park at the Airport

This might seem like a great option but the costs of parking at or near the airpot in Sydney are very high. You car is often left outdoors and is crammed into tight spaces leaving it open to potential damage. Also you usually them have to unload all your luggage onto a transfer bus to get to the terminal. This can be a very stressful start or end to any trip. Also have you considered all your luggage may not fit in your car?

>Option 4. Public Transport

Public transport to and from Sydney Airport is a sub standard option at best. Besides horrendous wait times and having to work to public transport timetables your trip to the airport could take longer than your flight. Also how are you going to move your family and all that luggage off and on trains and busses? Using this method will add hours to your trip and make your stress levels rise to unbelievable amounts. Is this how you really want to travel? 


Anytime Limousines - Comfortable - Convenient - Cost Effective


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