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    Well busy day today.3 out of wollongong to the airport. Meet a new client today from large international company. Was real nice to chat to you today JIM and show a small piece of Wollongnog. A long way fom America. Cheers glen 
    Written on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 09:16
  • Dapto to cruise termial
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    Took 6 ladies from dapto to the cruise termial today. Was a absolutely stunning by the harbour in sydney  Cheers glen 
    Written on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 07:08
  • Why should I use an Anytime Limousine to get to the airport?
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    Why should I use an Anytime Limousine to get to the airport? People often wonder what is the best way to get to Sydney airport from the Illawarra. There is a variety of options available but which is really the best? Option 1. An Anytime Limousines Airport Transfer Anytime Limousines will pick you up at your door and transport you and your family/friends/collegues directly to your terminal. On return we will keep an eye on your flight arrival times and be ther to pick you up when you come home. Nice and…
    Written on Sunday, 16 October 2016 09:04


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
  • Are you really Anytime limousines?

    Yes we are. You can call Anytime Limousines 24/7 365 days a year for service.
  • How many passengers can you take at one time?

    Our Statesman Caprice limousine is a 5 seater, meaning we can take 4 passengers and the driver. Our Mercedes Limousine van is an 8 seater, meaning we can carry the driver and 7 passengers.
  • We have lots of luggage. Can you take it all as well?

    Yes, no problem. If your luggage capacity outstrips either of our vehicles we simply hook up the Anytime Limousines full weatherproof trailer and take the excess luggage in it.
  • Does it cost extra to get picked up at strange hours of the night?

    Prices can vary due to many different factors but feel free to call us and we can give you a price immediately for your pickup time and location.
  • Can you drop us off at the airport and take home friends or family seeing us off?

    Yes, that is no problem. We can take anyone with us. The return journey is of course another cost.
  • My flight is delayed. Does it cost me more if you have to wait?

    No, if you have given us your flight number we can track your flight and be there at the appropriate time. The only exception to this would be if the flight was delayed at the last minute or diverted due to weather and it is an extended wait, or cancellation.
  • Do you only do runs to the airport and cruise terminals?

    No, Anytime Limousines are a fully licensed limousine service and our pick area up is south to Minamurra Bridge and north to Helensburg. We can take you anytime, anywhere from that area.
  • We have a business function on and need to move some of our guests from a hotel to the function location. Can you do this?

    Yes, that is no problem at all.
  • Do you take children in your limousines?

    Yes, of course we do. Anytime Limousines do not discriminate against anyone, man woman or child.
  • Can I take my pet in your limousine?

    No, sorry. Due to licensing laws and the interest of other passengers in the future we are not allowed to carry pets. But we do cater for seeing eye dogs and carer animals.
  • Do you do school formals?

    No, Anytime Limousines is a transport service specialising in transfers and transportation of people to corporate style events. Our cars are geared towards this as we do not have any fancy party type limousines.
  • Do you have any stretch limousines?

    No, we serve a different market to stretch limousines services and this is why we have the luxury Mercedes bus.
  • Do you have limousines for weddings?

    Yes, but it is a luxury Mercedes bus instead of a hard to access stretched limousine.

One More Question?

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